Serious Sam Next Encounter (Playstation 2)

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The fast-action first-person shooter series that won so many PC-gamer fans with its old-school approach is ready for its Next Encounter, a run-and-gun follow-up designed especially for consoles. Serious Sam: The Next Encounter, created by Climax Entertainment for release on PlayStation 2 and GameCube, features hero Sam "Serious" Stone once again pitted against the deadly and grotesque forces of the villain Mental, who spreads his evil throughout key time periods in human history.

In Serious Sam: The Next Encounter, players take the role of the grim hero to blast baddies through 40 levels in three main locations -- ancient Rome, feudal China, and the mythical Atlantis. A dozen weapons from earlier games return here, though many have been enhanced or adjusted to accommodate additional options, such as heat-seeking ammo for the chain gun or laughing gas for the flamethrower. Familiar creatures return as well, joined by new monstrosities inspired by the game's three new settings.

Multiplayer gaming is supported by both console versions of the title. PlayStation 2 gamers can battle head to head in a two-player split-screen mode, or use their PS2 Network Adaptors to compete across the Internet in games that support up to eight players.