Sesame Street - Once upon a Monster (Xbox 360)

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Kinect Required - Used

Product Information
Designed for the Kinect motion-sensing camera, Once Upon a Monster has youngsters helping Cookie Monster and Elmo solve a series of problems for their fellow monster friends. The game is structured like a storybook, with each chapter devoted to an individual monster and his peculiar predicament. Through hands-on activities, players will make new friends, cooperate, confront fears, and learn about the similarities and differences that make others unique.

As players engage in the story, they will sway from side to side to avoid obstacles, jump over items, flap their arms to fly, play instruments, blow out candles, and perform rhythmic motions that correspond to an onscreen character. In addition to Cookie Monster and Elmo, popular characters Grover and Oscar will make appearances along with all-new monsters. Drop-in and drop-out cooperative play is also supported, allowing parents, siblings, or friends a chance to share in the activities.