Shell Shock Nam '67 (Xbox)

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Featuring graphic portrayals of the controversial actions and overall brutality of the Vietnam War, Shellshock: Nam '67 looks to provide an uncensored depiction of the conflict as seen through the eyes of a rookie soldier.

Players must fight their way through a variety of missions, ranging from expansive battlefield encounters with the North Vietnamese Army to stealth-based missions to assassinate VC generals. Authentic weapons from either the U.S., Viet Cong, or North Vietnamese armies are available to use, as players battle in locations ranging from the wetlands of the South to the mountain borders of the North, as well as dense jungles and rural Vietnamese villages. Character development is interwoven, and as each mission is completed players will advance in rank, from a "grunt" to a special forces soldier, taking with them all of the skills learned from previous missions.

Realistic injuries were a consideration while Shellshock: Nam '67 was in development. Fellow Soldier's don't simply live or die; rather, depending on the injury, they may lie on the ground suffering, or struggle on wounded while attempting to take down the enemy. If players find themselves being overrun by the opposition during a mission, they can call in choppers to provide cover fire, or have the entire area leveled by a destructive napalm artillery attack.