Singstar Amped (PS2)

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Product Information
Sony's karaoke crooning series continues its PlayStation 2 run with SingStar Amped. As in previous installments, players can sing along with 30 original chart-topping hits from a number of licensed artists. The game is further distinguished from titles like Karaoke Revolution through its use of authentic music videos from the included bands and solo acts. Single singers can strut their stuff in both Solo and Freestyle modes, while multiplayer support is available in the cooperative Duet mode, the head-to-head Battle mode, and the group-oriented Pass-the-Mic mode. The technology behind each title in the SingStar series is designed to recognize pitch, tone, and rhythm, all of which are factored in your rating or score at the end of each song. Another key feature is the option to save a performance to Memory Card and then modify the recorded song's playback with an assortment of audio effects. Owners of previous SingStar titles can expand SingStar Amped's track lists with the disc-swapping feature, allowing partygoers to keep the songs flowing without having to turn the system off.