Singularity (Xbox 360)

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Product Information
Raven Software presents an adventure for the ages in Singularity, a first-person action game that puts players in control of time itself. Set in the present day, the game's plot revolves around a science-fiction piece of equipment called the "Time Manipulation Device," or "TMD." It allows its user to send a single object (or person) forward or backward through time, relative to the world around it. The powerful device is central to both the game's puzzle-solving and combat. It could be used to age a strong iron gate blocking a path into crumbling rust, for example, or to revert an enemy soldier to a devolved, mindless, monstrous state. Players take the role of a top Air Force pilot named Nate Renko, who is sent to investigate the mysterious island known as Katorga-12, a source of powerful, identified radiation. It appears that the island was once home to a Cold War skunk works for the Russians, and the ground zero location of a time-space disaster that occurred 60 years earlier. Time itself is now unstable on the island, as it seems to fluctuate between 1950 and 2010. Nate faces Russian soldier enemies from both time periods, as well as ferocious animals and plants that have been mutated by the radiation and unstable time-scape. Combat in the game plays out as in a first-person shooter, with conventional firearms, and later using the TMD as a ranged weapon, as well. Nate obtains the TMD early in his explorations of the island, and discovers the device's full powers as he experiments throughout his mission. In addition to quickly aging or reverting targets, the device can freeze an object in space and time, and later in the adventure, Nate learns to fire an impulse of energy that blasts enemies and object away from him.