Smuggler's Run (Playstation 2)

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You're a smuggler in a gang known as "The Forgotten." You and your boys need to prove yourselves as viable competitors in the seedy, crime-ridden world of underground smuggling rings. You'll be asked to deliver money, illegal weapons, and even dangerous chemicals from one point to another. Along the way you'll have to navigate hilly and rough terrain in SUVs, buggys, and trucks along with a many other vehicles that become unlockable throughout the game.

Transporting item A to point B isn't as easy as it sounds, as you'll have to jump rivers, speed over mountains and through towns all while evading everyone from rival gangs trying to steal your loot to the CIA. Navigate through desert, snow, and forests as you race to complete your objective. Once you get tired of that, you and a friend can either go head-to-head to see who can retrieve and deliver the pick-ups fastest, or team up and go against other gangs.

What's the quickest point to your drop off? Do you jump that river and risk getting caught up in the water current? Think you have enough speed to drive up that mountain? Or should you play it safe and take the main road? These are the types of critical decisions you'll need to make as you progress through Smuggler's Run. Single-player progress and unlocked vehicles can be saved using 324KB on a PlayStation 2 memory card.