Sniper Ghost Warrior (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a high-definition first-person shooter, with a modern military theme and realistic presentation. The game focuses exclusively on the role of a long-range sniper, in various battle situations. A sophisticated physics model accounts for ballistic factors such as falloff over long distances and the effects of wind speed and direction. Players also manage their shooter's positioning and breathing, to squeeze off the perfect shot at the right time. An up-close "bullet cam" allows gamers to follow their shot to its target.

They work with a small squad of spotters and other snipers, in some scenarios. As the story goes, commandos in an elite squad have been sent to a South American island. This small country has been taken over by a military dictator. Missions have players supporting a rebel movement set on overthrowing the oppressive government and restoring democracy. Missions are set in thick, tropical, South American jungles.

This exclusive offers the "One Shot One Kill" DLC, which allows gamers to shoot through any object, use pinpoint accuracy to inflict super damage on enemies, and experience steady shots in which the scope does not float. The package also includes a "Sniper Stories" book, a Ghost Warrior dog tag, a poster, and limited edition artwork postcards.