Socom 4 US Navy Seals (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
The single-player, third-person shooting experience that is SOCOM 4 transplants players to the danger and mystery of Southeast Asia. Players take on the role of the one man capable of stopping rebel forces, the Ops Com, as NATO operations commander of a five-man squad. This team is tasked with venturing, without backup, into inhospitable territory in order to keep access to that water open to the rest of the world. Play takes place across a variety of landscapes, from decaying cities to deep jungles and busy city streets, and the squad must deal with and fight rebel soldiers, while uncovering the enemy‘s plans. SOCOM 4 combines basic shooting with tactical skills, problem solving and speed, essential due to the game‘s six-day mission deadline. SOCOM 4 is rated M for strong violence, blood, language, and adult themes.