Sorcery (Playstation 3)

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Product Information
Sony's Sorcery is an adventure of motion-controlled magic, set in a fairy tale world inspired by Irish folklore. Players take the role of a sorcerer's apprentice, who stands against the forces of the deceitful Nightmare Queen as she seeks to bring eternal night to the land. The PlayStation Move controller is wielded as a magic wand, to cast spells in combat. Players also use motion controls to create potions, in the game's alchemy system. Progressing through the adventure, the apprentice loots useful magical gear, learns more powerful spells, and discovers potion-making upgrades.

Sorcery is played from a third-person perspective. Players move using the navigation controller, and cast different spells by performing the proper gestures with the Move wand in hand. The apprentice learns about a dozen basic spells, which can be combined for a multitude of situational effects and specialized attacks. Casting a tornado spell into a magic fire wall will blast nearby enemies with gusts of flame, for example, and an object frozen with one spell could then be shattered by another. The adventure takes place through five themed realms, each with distinct enemies and puzzle-solving challenges.