Spec Ops - The Line (Playstation 3)

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Elite counter-terrorism agents lead the way into a modern-military heart of darkness as the gritty Spec Ops series returns to action in 2012. In the unflinching style of its PC predecessors, The Line challenges players to accomplish missions through third-person squad tactics; surveillance, stealth, and bloody firefights. The narrative poses challenges, as well, in a progression of desperate circumstances and lose-lose moral dilemmas. Battles take place in an abandoned desert city, where players' efforts are complicated by sand that covers buildings and blows through the streets.

For opulent Dubai, the apocalypse is now, as massive windstorms have buried the city beneath millions of tons of sand. With the assistance of the U.S. Army, most of the metropolis was successfully evacuated, but Colonel John Konrad remained behind with his squad. Konrad's unit has now been isolated by the sandstorms and is feared lost. The players' objective is to find the missing soldiers and -- if possible -- bring them back home. The sand-filled city poses unusual dangers, but also opportunities for special operatives who can hide in the obscuring winds or smother enemies beneath a triggered avalanche.

Customers who pre-order Spec Ops: The Line will have their game upgraded to a premium edition at no extra cost. The premium edition includes the "Fubar Pack," which features bonus multiplayer content: double experience during the first week of online play, AK-47 unlock at rank one, officer class unlock at rank one, and exclusive accessories for character customization.