Spectrobes Beyond the Portals (Nintendo DS*)

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Gamers can excavate, train, and battle with a whole new cast of mysterious fossilized creatures in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. As in its predecessor, Beyond the Portals puts players in the shoes of Rallen and Jeena, two interplanetary patrol officers who dig up ancient creatures known as Spectrobes, and use them to battle enemies. This time the story centers on the duo's investigation of mysterious portals that lead to alternate dimensions. A new 3D camera perspective and a new map system give players a more detailed view of the game world, and gamers can use the new excavation and battle techniques to find and fight with more than 100 unique Spectrobes. Online options include head-to-head battles via Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection, and access to Disney Interactive Studios' new "DGamer" online community.