Spider-Man (Xbox)

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Based on the 2002 movie starring Tobey Maguire as the comic book superhero, the video game version of Spider-Man: The Movie has players swinging through the streets of New York City on the lookout for arch-nemesis Green Goblin. Though based on the 3D engine used in previous Spider-Man titles, this version features a number of new enhancements to take advantage of next-generation systems.

Instead of fighting characters on the ground, players can now confront enemies in sky as the hero has more control over the use of his webbing. Spider-Man can rise or descend while swinging from building to building as well as cut and then reattach lines at any time to quickly escape from potential threats. He can also bank around buildings instead of traveling directly in a straight line.

Spidey will encounter Shocker, Vulture, and various robotic threats from Oscorp Industries based on situations from the movie as well as original encounters created specifically for the game. Spider-Man will once again be able to use his webbing, fists, and legs to subdue enemies, but the web-slinger has all-new combination attacks to help him survive long enough to face Green Goblin.