Spiderman - Friend or Foe.

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Spider-Man leaves his "friendly" neighborhood of New York City to embark on a 20-level adventure set in such exotic locales as Nepal, Tokyo, Egypt, and Transylvania. Throughout his travels, Spidey must physically "convince" some of his greatest enemies to help him defeat a more pervasive threat to the world: a vast army of symbiotes. The developers borrowed elements from the film trilogy as well as the comic book series to create a vibrant, cartoon-like art style designed to appeal to younger audiences. One of Friend or Foe's key features is its Ad-hoc cooperative play mode, in which a friend can enter the fray and immediately start pummeling enemies.

Spider-Man can eventually call on the help of 12-plus potential sidekicks. Playable enemies include Green Goblin, Sandman, Doc Ock, and Venom, while friendly companions include Blade and Iron Fist. The action sequences involve using each character's distinct fighting moves and special attacks to eliminate groups of onscreen foes. Solo players can instantly switch between Spidey and his selected sidekick, allowing for specific team-up and combo moves. Hidden throughout each 3D world are a number of tokens and collectibles to unlock bonus content, from head-to-head battle arenas to extra costumes and other surprises.