Spy Hunter 2.

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SpyHunter returns for more racing combat action in this multi-platform sequel, which introduces several new features to the core gameplay of its 2001 predecessor. While players still drive the G-8155 Interceptor from a third-person perspective in an attempt to complete mission objectives, the vehicle now transforms into an off-road transport, motorcycle, and a snow ski. The terrorist organization known as Nostra is once again behind a diabolical plot to control the world. Master spy Alec Sects must eliminate as many enemy vehicles as possible while neutralizing key installations and areas under hostile control.

To help players navigate the 16 levels spread across four international regions, a revamped online computer system dubbed "Leonie 2.0" is available in the car to show maps, key targets, and mission data. The storyline has also been an area of focus in SpyHunter 2, with new enemy types and a mysterious female spy who is now an integral part of the action. Each area can be fully explored with the vehicle, meaning players are no longer confined to a specific road or route while on a mission. Since enemy vehicles threaten players at every corner, the Interceptor is equipped with enough weapons and gadgets to take out the opposition and complete the objectives.

Weapons and defensive measures include an auto-tracking turret, an armored shield, land mines, oil slicks, and smokescreens to keep enemies confused as players engage themselves in high-speed chases and daring rescue attempts. At the end of each level is a boss encounter against the top-ranked members of Nostra, requiring technique and strategy instead of concentrated firepower. SpyHunter 2 also lets players customize the types of armaments included in their vehicle and gradually increase their attributes over time by completing mission objectives.