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Spyborgs is a combat-heavy action game that puts an emphasis on co-op play and team attacks by letting players take on the role of three robotically enhanced spies. Solo gamers can instantly switch between Stinger, who is a trained soldier and firepower specialist, Clandestine, the blade-wielding ninja who specializes in close-combat attacks, and the brawny Bouncer, who was created by a teenage genius named Voxel. Together the trio battle legions of robotic foot soldiers working at the behest of the power-hungry Jackal, a former teammate of the Spyborgs with a never-ending lust for cybernetic enhancements. Players use their Wii Remote and Nunchuk to dispatch hordes of reapers, raptors, grenadiers, and quad hunters, teaming up with friends for co-op finishing attacks. Along the way, gamers can use their special "SpyVision" to find hidden power ups and upgrades that help them prepare for frantic battles against screen-filling bosses.