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Fan-favorite snowboarder characters conquer real-world slopes with feats of exaggerated action and extreme-sports daring, in EA Canada's high-def reboot of SSX. Expansive, chart-your-own-course levels are set in nine of Earth's greatest and most famously inhospitable mountain ranges. Harsh wilderness environments are full of natural gaps, ramps, and rails, challenging boarders to survive the slopes as they seek out the trickiest path to the bottom. Players can race head-to-head online, or share statistics and ghost runs for time-shifted co-op and competition.

Building on the winning play style of the previous console generation's sleeper-hit series, the PS3's SSX features a more powerful physics engine, and ratchets up the outrageousness of the stunts. The choice of play modes has boarders racing to the finish, exploring vast stretches of virgin territory, or simply fighting to survive the perils of the mountainside. Determined in part by fan input, the game's roster includes Mac, Elise, Moby, Kaori, and other seasoned veterans, along with a few newbies. The soundtrack features songs from Pretty Lights, Las Ketchup, and Run-D.M.C.