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Gamers are invited to get some air and slalom down a mountainside in SSX Blur. Designed as a "best of" version of previous SSX titles, the game offers a variety of single-player experiences along with two choices for multiplayer competition. Returning to the series are several gameplay modes including "Quickplay" and "Tournament." "Quickplay" allows gamers to sample several half-pipe, slaloming, and racing competitions while "Tournament" requires players to take on many competitors as they attempt to reach the peak of the mountain.

The 12 courses in the game feature updated versions of classic levels along with a selection of stages created specifically for the Wii. Gamers may select from a cast of ten returning characters or choose one of two new avatars and then attempt to make it down the slope using the Nunchuk and Wii-Remote to pull off impossible tricks and combos. During a run, players can collect pickups that unlock a special "Uber Trick." To land an Uber Trick, gamers must fill their Groove Meter by completing a successful round of tricks. As the meter fills, the in-game background music adjusts to antagonize the intensity. With friends, gamers may compete in two-person split-screen or four-person alternating action.