Star Wars Rogue Leader - Rogue Squadron II (Game Cube)

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Take control of a Rebellion starfighter and defend the galaxy against Empire in the celebrated sequel to the classic Star Wars: Rogue Leader. Play as either Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles, famous heroes of the Rebellion fleet, as they face off against incredible odds in beautifully rendered levels following the plot of the iconic original Star Wars movie trilogy. The game features some dialogues and scenes from the three original movies, and playing through the ten levels really feels like helping the Rebellion defeat the Empire. Events from the Star Wars universe such as the Yavin battle or the battle of Kothlis will plunge you into this intergalactic conflict.Rogue Squadron II set the standard for flight simulators on the GameCube, and its intuitive controls and beautifully rendered environments have stood the test of time. The game follows in the footsteps of the first Rogue Leader title and Star Wars fans will find all their favorite spaceships and characters. The graphics will immerse you in the Star Wars universe, and the fast-paced gameplay will challenge you to become the best Starfighter pilot you can be.The controls are very intuitive, and you will soon feel comfortable piloting the Millennium Falcon, A-Wing, X-Wing, imperial Starfighter, or Star Destroyer. You will get to fly over the planet of Hoth while fighting off imperial forces or destroy the Death Star. There are different types of levels such as search and destroy as well as missions where you have to help the Rogue Squadron protect an objective. The gameplay changes in function depending on the type of mission you are playing and becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the story line and the ten levels.Replaying through the missions is interesting since you have to complete each mission with a specific type of aircraft the first time you play. However, you will be able to go back and play through the level with any other spaceship that you have unlocked once you complete it. You can focus on improving your statistics or simply have fun completing the levels with your favorite aircraft. This video game is all about action and will satisfy anyone who enjoys the Star Wars universe and loves to be in flight simulators and space battles. The gameplay immerses you in the battles as you will find all the landscapes, sounds, characters, and aircrafts from the movies, which is a part of what has made the LucasArts video games so successful. Star Wars: Rogue Leader II features exciting missions during which you will have to escort a Rebel convey, infiltrate the Imperial Academy to steal a shuttle, fly through an asteroid field, attack the Death Star, and reenact other space battles seen involving Rogue Squadron. If you enjoyed the first Rogue Leader game or simply want an action-packed flight simulator, this is the game for you. LucasArts does not disappoint with this second Rogue Leader title and delivers a quality video game that fans will instantly love thanks to the many connections with the movies and the excellent gameplay.