Stunt Race FX (SNES)

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Product Information
The second game to utilize Nintendo's Super FX chip (Star Fox being the first), Stunt Race FX is a racing game that features polygonal graphics, battery backup, three camera angles (close-up, long-shot and cock-pit), eight different speed courses, four different stunt courses, and four modes of play.

One player can engage in Speed Trax, which lets you challenge four courses in order to get the best time; Stunt Trax, which has you racing each course while trying to pass as many checkpoints as possible; and Test Run & Free Trax, which starts out as a beginner's practice mode. Battle Trax is a two-player split-screen match in which players race against both the clock and each other in a one-on-one, three-lap race.

The various tracks in Speed Trax will take you through tunnels, around numerous twists and turns, up and down mountains (where you should watch for animals crossing the road and falling rocks), across snow-covered streets and more. Surrounding environments include the woods, nightfall, the sea and the forest. When you complete the second course in each class, you will get to play a bonus game in which you drive a semi.

There are four Stunt Trax: Rock Field, Up'N Down, Ice Dance and Blue Lake. While trying to reach the finishing line within the time limit, you should try to collect as many stars as possible. Stars give you extra time and increase your ranking. If you manage to reach the goal in all four courses, you can play a special course in which you control a vehicle from the viewpoint of a remote control car. The object of this special game is to destroy three other cars on the course by ramming into them.

Stunt Race FX offers four standard vehicles from which to choose. 4WD is a truck that is good for stunt driving. Coupe is a medium-size sports car built for intermediate racers. F-Type is a race car with a weak body and a high maximum speed. 2WD is a motorcycle with good acceleration, tire grip and speed.

Naturally, these racers can accelerate, turn (quickly and slowly), brake and reverse, but they can also jump over cars, ramps and other obstacles. You can give your vehicle a boost of speed as long as your boost meter is not empty. You can pick up blue gems to refill the boost meter and red gems to refill the damage meter, which gets depleted whenever you hit an obstacle.