Stuntman (Playstation 2)

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Product Information
Stuntman places you in the role of a movie stunt driver. Your career in the movie industry will span six movies, each of which are based on a specific action movie sub-genre, and are set in locations all around the world from London to Bangkok. The vehicles under your control, which include sports cars and even tuk-tuks, will vary based upon the theme of the movie, but your job is always the same -- create the most exciting stunt possible within the parameters set forth by the director. Each of the stunt sequences require the player to hit certain marks in order to make the stunt work, failing to hit a certain percentage of these marks will force you to re-shoot the entire scene. Do well, however, and you'll be granted permission to perform the next stunt or move on to another movie. An in-game movie recorder films your entire stunt from multiple camera angles, allowing you to view it, and even save it to memory card if desired.

Upon completion of a specific movie, you'll be rewarded with a trailer -- which combines pre-rendered footage as well as cut-scenes of your very own exploits -- done in true Hollywood fashion. As an added bonus, your success in this mode will also unlock objects and additional cars that can be used in other gameplay modes. Among the other modes presented in Stuntman are Driving Tests and the Stunt Constructor, the latter of which allows players to build their very own custom stunt track, which can be filled with all manner of obstacles in the search for the perfect stunt. The Driving Tests take various forms, requiring the player to complete timed runs, precision racing or death-defying stunts. DVD-like extras included with the game are trailers for upcoming games and interviews with professional stuntmen.