Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros. 3 (Gameboy Advance)*

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Cartridge loose in protective case

Product Information
This fourth installment of the Super Mario Advance series once again revisits a classic Mario game while adding a few enhancements to appeal to veteran players. Super Mario Bros. 3, at one time the biggest selling video game in history, is the subject of choice for this cartridge, featuring updated graphics and sound resembling the version introduced in the Super Mario All-Stars compilation on Super NES. New speech, the ability to save progress to battery, and a few surprises are in store for those familiar with the 8-bit platform game.

Mario and Luigi must stop Bowser and his mischievous children from turning the local populace into animals, kicking off an adventure spanning eight themed worlds: Grass Land, Desert Hill, Sea Side, Big Island, The Sky, Iced Land, Pipe Maze, and Castle of Koopa. Mario can don special power suits that grant him the ability to fly, hop like a frog, toss hammers, and freeze into an immobile statue for protection. As in previous Super Mario Advance games, up to four players can compete in a standalone version of the original Mario Bros., and those owning the e-Reader peripheral will be able to swipe cards to unlock additional levels or special challenges.