Super Mario Bros 2 (NES)

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Nintendo changed the way children and families enjoyed free time at home by releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. The release of this console came with the smash hit game Super Mario Bros. It was an instant classic along with many other releases in the coming years. Just three years after the release of the system, the game developer came out with the second version of the original, called Super Mario Bros. 2. Although the sequel was released soon after the original, it included many innovative features never seen before. With updated graphics, a new world to explore, and additional playable characters, it has remained a fan favorite for those who love Nintendo and the Super Mario set of characters. Super Mario Bros. 2 will make you feel as though you're back in the late 1980s when the game was released. This sequel appeared in the golden era of video game creations and spawned characters that have stayed relevant for many years. As you play Super Mario Bros. 2, you'll need to jump on top of your enemies to defeat them. Depending on the enemy, some will need to be jumped on multiple times to be completely defeated. To play this game, you'll need the original NES system. This game, like all other games for the NES system, is designed with specific cartridge dimensions of a 10-inch width, 8-inch length, and 3.5-inch height. This specific size of the cartridge will not fit into any other system. Although the Super Nintendo system takes cartridges as well, the cartridge size changed between the two systems. Super Mario Bros. 2 keeps the classic, two-dimensional, side-scrolling action, but there are new friends and foes that await you. You'll notice that the graphics are upgraded from the first game in the series, so you'll see more detail in both the heroes as well as the villains. The game gives the character's new abilities too, like being able to uproot plants, which may be used as weapons or could be hiding power-ups. In between the levels, there's a fun new mini-game that works like a slot machine. If you match the right symbols, you can gain additional lives, stars, and coins. Load up your NES cartridge and dive into the world of Super Mario Bros. 2. A reskinned version of a Japanese home market game, it introduces a whole range of features that have become staples of the Mario franchise. This single-player game on the Nintendo Entertainment System games has a wide-range of playable characters. Super Mario, Luigi, the Princess, and even Toadstool give you plenty of options for hours of fun. Pick up mushrooms for extra lives and tailor your approach to the strengths of each character as you play through the games. Just remember that Luigi is the best jumper while Toad is the worst, so you'll want to come up with appropriate playing strategies for fighting foes. Pick up Super Mario Bros. 2 today to have fun with all of the classic Nintendo characters and features of the Super Mario world.