Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

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Do battle with Bowser from across the cosmos in Mario's first out-of-this-world rescue mission to save Princess Peach. Reuniting old friends and old foes, Super Mario Galaxy was the first Mario adventure released on Nintendo's Wii console. It introduces players to a whole new world of adventure as Mario embarks on a journey to rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach by harnessing star energy and maximizing the power of stardust. Rated E for everyone, this game takes the classic Mario story and turns it upside-down by introducing new worlds with new laws of gravity creating new jumps, spins, and gabs, moves allowing players to take full advantage of the interactive Wii remote and its connected nunchuck. Players can also have a friend join in through the game's cooperative assist mode. With over 40 galaxy stages across six regions of play, this action-packed game is full of family-friendly adventure.