Super Mario Kart (SNES)

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One of the best, most influential games ever created for a 16-bit system, Super Mario Kart has eight classic Nintendo characters (including Luigi and Donkey Kong Jr.) driving go-carts around 15 different courses. Each racer has a different battle technique (such as Princess Toadstool throwing mushrooms), while power-ups enable racers to do such things as jump, drive faster, and throw shells at other cars. Each obstacle-filled track is flat but varies in texture (smooth, wood, and gravel), and the viewpoint is from behind the racer. Mode 7 effects, a Super NES specialty, allow for smooth rotation and ground movement, and the races are fast, fun, and fair. Two-player split-screen action only increases the enjoyment of the game, and an arena-style Battle Mode is available as well. Super Mario Kart has spawned numerous imitators over the years, but it finishes in front of the pack every time.