Super Mario Land 2 (Gameboy)

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The largest Game Boy cartridge at the time of its release, Super Mario Land 2 nearly doubles the number of levels found in its side-scrolling predecessor and features a revamped visual style influenced by 1991's Super Mario World. Mario will travel on land, under water, and in outer space to find the six golden coins needed to save the land from his diabolical doppelganger, Wario. The action takes place across six themed zones, each spanning multiple stages: Tree Zone, Space Zone, Macro Zone, Pumpkin Zone, Mario Zone, and Turtle Zone.

Confront a mixture of familiar faces and new adversaries while acquiring various power-ups to assist Mario. Grow larger, shoot fireballs, and even fly across levels to safely make it through each stage. Mario's flying ability is triggered by a carrot, which causes the portly plumber's hat to sprout powerful bunny ears that can be used like wings. Once all six coins have been collected (by defeating each zone's boss character), the hero must confront his arch-nemesis lurking deep within Mario Land's castle. Automatically save progress throughout your travels via battery backup.