Super Mario Sunshine (Game Cube)

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Take Mario on an exciting 3D adventure through the tropical Isle Delfino in the GameCube installment of the 'Super Mario' series. In 'Super Mario Sunshine' for GameCube, Mario arrives on the island for a much-needed vacation with Princess Peach and Toadsworth, only to be confronted with pollution and destruction. To add insult to injury, an imposter disguised as Mario is responsible for the damage, and the locals want to see the real Mario take responsibility for the toll that the villain took on their former paradise. Use powerful water canons to help Mario defeat enemies, jump onto platforms, clean up the mess in each environment, and restore the island to its formerly pristine condition. Defeat bosses such as slimy Piranha Plants and Bowser robots on each level and unlock portals to continue your journey through this entertaining GameCube game.