Super Monkey Ball Adventure (Game Cube)

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Product Information
Super Monkey Ball Adventure is rolling this way, and now the monkeys have a tale to tell. Classic "Party" mode is back along with "Challenge" mode, while players who want to play through the adventure will select "Story" mode. Players must unite the feuding monkey nations of Kongri-la and Monkitropolis while fighting grumpy Naysayers, conquering 60 quests, solving 50 puzzle levels, and helping people within the five monkey realms that include Jungle Island, Zootopia, and Moonhaven. Over 50 characters will guide players through the game and more than 20 of them are playable characters in the other modes. 

The balls have ten new abilities also, and can be accessed with the chant system. The abilities include sticky, bounce, speed, hover, and tether. In party games, up to four players may play the games using turn-based play, or by using the split-screen view. Four classic party games including "Monkey Fight," "Monkey Bounce," "Monkey Tag," and "Monkey Race" are available for festivity play