Super Star Wars (SNES)

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One of the better film-based titles ever released, Super Star Wars recreates the look, feel and sound of the popular space opera incredibly well. Armed with a blaster or a lightsaber and the ability to run, jump, duck, slide and roll, players blast Imperial Stormtroopers on Mos Eisley, battle aliens in the Cantina, attack Tie Fighters in the trenches of the Death Star, pilot a cannon-enhanced Landspeeder, and much more. Certain key scenes are missing (such as the trash compactor episode and the escape from the Death Star via the Millenium Falcon), but this is simply nitpicking as the game recreates the Star Wars experience incredibly well. Players begin as Luke Skywalker and will eventually control Han Solo and Chewbacca. The game has cool cut- scenes, excellent rotation and scaling effects, a CD-quality musical score, and authentic-sounding (if sparse) voice effects. Best of all, gameplay, in both the vehicle and platforming scenes, is rock solid (even though sliding is a bit awkward). The only real setbacks are frequent slowdown, a frustration-inducing lack of a save feature, and the fact that Princess Leia is not a playable character.