Superman Returns (Playstation 2)

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Inspired by the 2006 feature film directed by Bryan Singer, Superman Returns features an open-ended Metropolis spanning 80 square miles of bustling activity. The Man of Steel begins the game with his superpowers fully intact, including flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super strength, super speed, and super breath. How players use these powers within the urban setting is up to them. Cars can be completely melted or simply cut into, objects can be blown out of harm's way or frozen in place, and more. The storyline follows Superman as he returns to Earth after a five-year sabbatical in space. The city he loves is in constant peril from the likes of Metallo, Parasite, and the indomitable Lex Luthor.

The action takes place from a third-person perspective as players complete story-driven missions, engage in mini-games, and rescue people from imminent danger. Since Superman is nearly invincible, his success is tied to the level of collateral damage experienced by the good citizens of Metropolis. Players must be actively involved in saving pedestrians from runaway trains, tornados, collapsing buildings, and much more. If the city or its populace suffers, Superman will be unable to continue. The game's story-based objectives combine events from the film with new sequences, often involving the superhero tackling archvillains in stages specifically devoted to a lone enemy and its lackeys. Superman Returns also features an original orchestral soundtrack and voice acting from the film's principal actors, including Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, and newcomer Brandon Routh.