Surfing H3O (Playstation 2)

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The game once known as Surfoid in Japan has made its way stateside. Surfoid was based around some pretty strange ideas: aliens, meteors, chunks of the moon crashing to Earth and the like, but Surfing H3O has been turned into a straight surfing game for American audiences.

Players choose from one of eight fictional surfers and their favorite colored board, and then hit the beach to take on the challenges ahead. Take to the waves in either Easy and Intermediate difficulty levels.

Your task is to complete six different sections of play. In these sections, you'll be trying to beat a certain score so that you can unlock subsequent difficulty levels. You do this by performing tricks and collecting multicolored buoys, as well as doing your best to beat the clock for even more bonus points. Hit that score, and you move on to the next level, where you'll do it all over again, only this time with a more extreme difficulty level. The two-player game is much like it's single player counterpart, only you can challenge a friend while hanging ten in split-screen action.