Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow (PSP)

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Sony's spy-themed stealth series returns to PSP with Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. With a story line penned by comic book author and novelist Greg Rucka, Logan's Shadow finds lead protagonist Gabe Logan on an international adventure to recover an advanced piece of technology hijacked by an extremist group. Players will explore the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, and other exotic locales as they battle an assortment of terrorists from a third-person perspective. New combat moves let players use enemies as human shields, fire weapons from behind cover, and even engage in underwater battles with spear guns and bolt pistols. Other armaments include grenade launchers, flash bangs, smoke grenades, and sticky mines. The cooperative "buddy" missions introduced in 2006's Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror are back with all-new objectives, and an assortment of interactive mini-games have been added to the play mechanics, allowing Logan to perform such actions as escaping wrist restraints, airlifting debris, and more.