Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus (Xbox)

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An Xbox exclusive, Tao Feng is a 3D fighting game helmed by John Tobias, best known for co-creating Mortal Kombat. Tao Feng features 12 male and female fighters, equally divided into two opposing sects, who fight within interconnected, interactive stages set in a fictional country named New China. Battles take place on a rooftop, in an arcade, dojo, alleyway, and more as players punch, kick, and throw their opponents into scenery objects. The lack of a traditional timer and round system means fights can last minutes or hours depending on the player's skill.

Three special attacks can be performed using a character's Chi, represented by a horizontal meter, which will destroy objects in addition to damaging the opponent. Chi can also be used to heal damaged limbs that, if left unchecked, will result in limited mobility and diminished attack power. As the fight progresses, details such as broken bones, torn clothes, and blood trickling from wounds can be witnessed as players use their environments to perform a variety of acrobatic attacks. Players can swing around poles, flip off walls, kick players into pinball machines, and more.

Six modes of play include Versus, Quest, Survival, Team Battle, Tournament, and Training. Versus is a single fight against the computer or a friend in a choice of environments. Quest involves selecting a character and fighting a series of rivals, one after another, until he or she emerges victorious. Survival is a test of endurance as players try to keep fighting as long as possible, while Team Battle has both sides selecting two to six characters before attempting to eliminate all opposing team members. Tournament supports four to eight characters in random pairings, and Training gives players the opportunity to learn each character's moves.