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Taking place after the events depicted in the Disney animated film, Tarzan Untamed is a 3D platform title in which players partake in a variety of extreme sports disciplines, with the single goal of obtaining all 75 film reels hidden within the game's 15 levels. Oswald Gardner and his accompanying lackeys have captured many of Tarzan's ape friends and it's up to the film's protagonist to rescue them and destroy all of the evil scientist's film reels in the process.

What follows is a blur of vine-swinging, surfing, skiing, wrestling, and bungee jumping. Jungle stages provide the opportunity to rescue a handful of apes and find some of the missing reels, while the water stages require Tarzan to perform tricks and grinds to obtain film reels while dodging rocks and other obstacles. Spears can be used to dispatch marauding wildlife or villainous goons, and so too can Tarzan's bare hands, in a pinch.

Branching paths contained within each jungle stage are home to film reels which can only be reached by first gaining the respect of the local gorillas, who will then help you gain access to these alternate routes. Additionally, new abilities can be earned by completing a series of side-quests. Collecting every film reel in the game unlocks a hidden movie.