Tecmo NBA Basketball (NES)

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Tecmo NBA Basketball is a basketball video game that was released by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Like Tecmo Super Bowl and Tecmo Bowl before it, the game features cinema-style cutscenes during gameplay. There is an option to play an all-star game, but unlike with Tecmo Super Bowl, there is no option to select the players on the All-Star teams. Tecmo also released a version of the game for the Super NES and Genesis, titled Tecmo Super NBA Basketball. This is the first basketball video game to feature an official license from both the NBA and the NBPA players union (however, it was not the first basketball video game to have a license from the NBA; that distinction went to Intellivision's NBA Basketball in 1980).
   The game features an appearance from Michael Jordan and all current NBA teams and players from the 1991–92 NBA season. The Los Angeles Lakers team features Magic Johnson despite his not actually playing in the NBA during that season (he had announced his retirement early in the season, having never played a game in the 1991-92 season).
   The player can choose between four modes of play: Manual, which enables to control an individual team; Coach, which turns the play calling (but not the actual playing) over to player; Computer, which gives all the controls to the computer; and Skip, where the results of a computer-played game are posted, without the game ever having taken place. The game also allows to set the quarter's time from two minutes to 12 minutes.