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Product Information
Test Drive 6 from Infogrames is a racing game featuring a newer physics model than the previous Test Drive games. It now allows each car to feel like its real-life counterpart. The game also has interactive backgrounds, wherein players can break objects, avoid obstacles or find shortcuts.

The game features 34 tracks throughout exotic locales such as Switzerland, Italy, Jordan and Maui. Also included are over 40 fully licensed vehicles including the Dodge '69 Charger, the '99 Dodge Viper GTS, the Aston Martin '99 DB7 Vantage Coupe and the Toyota '99 GT-One.

Included on the soundtrack are popular bands Fear Factory, Eve 6, Kottonmouth Kings, Empirion, Lunatic Calm, q-burns abstract message, Cirrus and Gary Numan.

Single-player modes include the Single Race, Tournament Race, Cop Chase (where you play as a cop) and Challenge (where you have a time limit). Two-player modes include the Single Race, Cop Chase (one is a cop, the other is being chased), Quad Race (four tracks for a mini-tournament) and the Pink Slip Mode (where you can bet your car against your friends).

Test Drive 6 also supports the Dual Shock controller, allowing you to feel all of the bumps and bruises that you would feel if you were really racing. But analog control will help ease the tension, while one block on the memory card will let you continue where you left off or keep your "customized" car safe.