Test Drive Unlimited (Playstation 2) !!!

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Game disc only in case - no manuals - used

Product Information
Test Drive Unlimited accelerates onto PlayStation 2 as a single-player racing game and a persistent online community that can support thousands of simultaneous users. Players begin their career on the islands of Hawaii, where more than 1,000 miles of virtual open roads, mapped using authentic GPS data, await both casual and competitive drivers. Test Drive includes over 125 licensed cars and motorcycles from such manufacturers as Ferrari, Jaguar, Ducati, Shelby, and Mercedes, each customizable with authentic performance parts earned by winning races, completing missions, entering tournaments, and more. Test your skills in nearly 360 activities, including 44 time challenges, 51 speed challenges, 40 club challenges, and more, or just cruise the island picking up hitchhikers and accepting the occasional convoy missions. Accumulating wealth will open up other opportunities in the game, such as buying new cars, clothes, upgrades, and even real estate.