Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360)

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Product Information
One of the industry's longest running franchises accelerates onto Xbox 360 as a single-player racing game and a persistent online community, one that can support thousands of simultaneous users with continuously updated content. The setting is the tropical islands of Hawaii, where more than 1,000 miles of open roads await both casual and competitive drivers. Test Drive includes over 125 licensed cars and motorcycles from such manufacturers as Ferrari, Jaguar, and Mercedes, each customizable with authentic performance parts earned by winning races, completing missions, entering tournaments, and more.

Both the single-player game and online world are seamlessly connected so that players can immediately jump between the two to engage in various challenges against up to seven drivers. While online, players can either join or form a club to chat with other racing fans, initiate trades, create custom events, or host tournaments against rival clubs. Division rankings and user stats are tracked during the online experience, and those new to racing will be able to find similarly skilled players through the integrated matchmaking service. Each race on the islands can also be catered to individual tastes, with drivers able to choose from more than 50 rules and settings before entering competition.