The Bureau (Playstation 3*)

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Set during the height of the Cold War, Bureau: XCOM Declassified puts gamers in the role of William Carter, a secret agent in charge of a special government unit created to fight an alien menace. Players must use careful planning, squad-based tactics, and captured alien technology to defeat the Outsiders though a story-driven campaign. As Carter, gamers can attempt to approach the action like a typical first-person shooter, but the enemies are strong, accurate shooters, and very intelligent, so chances of survival are much greater by making use of the rest of the squad.

Players can use the Battle Focus command wheel during combat to momentarily slow time in order to position Carter and his two squad mates behind cover, issue attack commands, and use a variety of different combat tools. Operatives can be customized, named, and leveled up along unique technology trees, and gamers can combine character skills during combat to perform special attacks. In addition to the main storyline that deals with the creation of the XCOM organization, players can also take part in a variety of side missions, or send agents on dispatch missions to upgrade their skills. But, in true XCOM fashion, agents can get hurt in any mode, and if they aren't revived in time they suffer from permanent death.