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Players join their friends for massively multiplayer open-world racing and take on the role of an undercover agent who attempts to infiltrate an illegal street-racing gang in The Crew. The action is designed to offer a seamless, arcade-style glimpse at the entire continental United States, with trips from New York to Los Angeles taking roughly 90 minutes. There are more than a dozen cities and iconic locations to visit along the way, including Miami Beach, the National Mall, and the Las Vegas Strip, and gamers can transition from a single-player adventure to multiplayer action at any time.

As gamers explore the country they can take on a variety of races, challenges, and mini-games, with any player they meet potentially becoming a rival, or a member of their four-man crew. In addition to traditional races on defined courses against up to seven others, players can take on special missions that find them racing from one point to another as quickly as possible, collecting items scattered across the map, fleeing cops or a rival crew, tailing allies or targets, using their cars as a battering ram to take down opposition vehicles, or racing against the clock and passing through checkpoints to gain precious seconds. Multiplayer fans can cooperate and compete at the same time, teaming up to meet a common goal while at the same time vying to earn more money, parts, and experience than their teammates.

Completing missions gives gamers the opportunity to buy performance and cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles, and each piece of equipment can be leveled several times. The Crew is not limited to highways and paved roads, as gamers can also specifically tailor their car for track races, off-road rallies, and full contact missions that see them climb over the sand dunes of northern Michigan, kick up plumes of red dust of Monument Valley, and slide through the snowy mountains of Colorado. Players can also take on a variety of timed Skills challenges, which find them climbing to the highest point possible, hitting ramps and landing in the center of a target, and finding as many items as possible, among other activities.

This limited edition includes the full game and offers early unlocks of the BMW Z4, the Dodge Ram SRT 10, and Mini Cooper S, custom and performance parts, and 10,000 bonus experience points.