The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction (Game Cube)

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  • This third-person action game is designed to let Hulk do what Hulk does best. Based on the Marvel Comics character, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction puts players in the role of the most powerful, angry creature on the planet, and then sets them loose in open expanses of unwary civilization.

    Fittingly, the game's environments are designed to be almost completely destructible, and Hulk can learn to wield nearly any item he finds among the wreckage as a weapon. While freely roamed cityscapes in need of random smashing will be tempting to many, the game does offer a storyline, which plays out through a series of missions. Side quests may give Hulk some direction as well. If he wants any.

    Although developed by the same studio that created 2003's Hulk game, Ultimate Destruction is not tied to the Ang Lee film. Writer Paul Jenkins and artist Brian Hitch helped create the storyline and settings of Ultimate Destruction, which are based more directly on the original comic book.