The Last Reminant (Xbox 360)

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The Last Remnant is an original RPG by Square-Enix with large-scale, turn-based battles and an open-world feel for exploration and discovery. Squads, known as unions, are composed of up to five characters each. In battle, players give orders to unions, not to individual units, and each union has a single pool of hit points. This places focus of combat on creating and developing the most efficient, self-reliant unions possible, in the time between fights. Different situations call for different specialties, but nearly any union is well served by a mix of tough-tanking characters, advantage-shifting support characters, and life-preserving healers. Although players do not control their characters directly in battle, they can respond to onscreen cues with well-timed button presses to increase the power of their characters' attacks, giving combat a layer of real-time immediacy.

The Last Remnant is set in an original world of fantasy and science-fiction where humans, a race of Lizard people, and other beast-like humanoids live, both in peace and in war. Players take the role of Rush Sykes, a brooding young man drawn into the impersonal conflicts of the land by a personal, family obligation. Unlike in many RPG over-world maps, there are no random, wandering monsters. There is no shortage of fearsome creatures and other enemies to fight and profit from, however, when Rush and his crew are ready to seek them out. Ultimately, the world is in turmoil over battle for control of Remnants: huge, ancient objects of unrivaled power. Keeping things square, it will take an epic adventure by a great-but-reluctant hero to understand the truth behind that power.