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An action-oriented take on World War II from the development team behind such titles as Homeworld and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, The Outfit has players in command of a three-man squad of no-nonsense specialists. J.D. Tyler is a sniper who also carries a shotgun for when things get a little too close for comfort. Tommy Mac, a heavy weapons expert, prefers to barbecue his foes with a flamethrower. The easygoing Deuce Williams likes to destroy tanks and other vehicles, and few weapons are as effective as the bazooka when discretion is not an option.

The Outfit's action takes place from a third-person perspective as players advance through 12 single-player missions that range from reconnaissance to daring rescue attempts. Yet the focus is primarily on dealing heavy damage. All of the environments feature fully destructible objects, including bridges, walls, and structures, as players lay waste to world around them. Rather than arm the soldiers with an arsenal of high-powered weapons from the onset, players must instead earn the tools of the trade by first accumulating field units. Field units are received from completing mission objectives, and they can be spent on an assortment of combat vehicles, air strikes, artillery strikes, reinforcements, and more. A key feature is that these field units can be spent during missions already in progress, allowing players to quickly react to situations by requesting things in the heat of battle.

The Outfit includes Xbox Live support for up to eight players in multiple game modes. Players will be able to participate in traditional deathmatch and cooperative play, or try their hand at destruction mode, which involves a race to earn the most field units by destroying as much items as possible. Also available for multiplayer action is a variant on king of the hill, where two teams attempt to capture and hold strategic checkpoints from the opposite faction.