The Simpsons Road Rage (Xbox) !!!

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The Simpsons Road Rage brings the lighthearted mission-based driving of Crazy Taxi to the characters, settings, and amusing sense of ennui cultured in the popular animated television series. Play as one of over 20 Simpsons characters to run driving errands and deliveries at breakneck speeds through a dozen Springfield neighborhoods featuring over 100 recognizable landmarks. The world and its characters are rendered in full 3D for a sense of space and speed, yet the familiar people and places of Springfield are designed to match the 2D essence of their television counterparts. The physics model is purposefully exaggerated to allow impossible trick maneuvers and arcade-style control.

Homer's boss, Mr. Burns, lives up to his reputation as a true capitalist pig when he buys the local transit system and raises all the fares to outrageous rates. The resourceful citizens of Springfield begin to drive themselves around instead of paying the ridiculous mass transit fees, so the streets soon become crowded with frustrated motorists. Only by running errands and making deliveries can the downtrodden masses of Springfield earn enough money to buy back the transit system and return the roadways to their former state of relative efficiency. The game's Story Mode offers at least 40 different challenges that can help earn money for the cause. The more open-ended Sunday Driving mode lets players make deliveries and cruise virtual Springfield at their own pace.