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It's "people simulation" on the PS2 as the most popular PC title in the history of the industry moves to the realm of console gaming. Perhaps the most obvious difference, as the game moves from computer monitors to television screens, is the new graphics engine. The Sims for PlayStation 2 is completely 3D. There are several other changes as well though, focused on making the game engaging and appropriate for console-style play, with a controller instead of a keyboard.

Unlike the gradated progression of the PC's Sims, the PS2 version of the game offers level-based play, in which new objects and houses are earned by reaching certain "life's big moments" goals. Many items must be "unlocked," instead of being available (but unaffordable) from the start of the game. The Sims for PS2 also offers new characters and objects that have never been featured in the home computer version of the game or its many expansion packs.