The Sims Bustin' Out (Playstation 2) !!!!

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The Sims are returning to PS2, only this time they have a case of cabin fever and are itching to explore the great outdoors. The Sims Bustin' Out offers a completely new neighborhood to visit and over 40 different types of characters to interact with. Instead of just taking a stroll out on the sidewalk, players can have their Sims purchase cars or scooters and visit such destinations as a gym, a nightclub, or even the neighborhood house party. 

Social moves can once again be acquired to round out the Sims' personalities, including a towel snap, moonwalk dance, and 78 additional actions to annoy or to impress others. Items like a climbing wall or a high dive can be placed outside for added fun, and the lineup of potential careers has increased by ten, incorporating such offbeat roles as mobster, athlete, mad scientist, and fashion victim. Designed to offer "ten times" the amount of replay as the first title, Bustin' Out features multiple ways to win the game.

Players are now free to jump from different careers and levels in an attempt to access additional objects and locations. Two-player support is available throughout the game instead of being confined to a separate mode, so players can work for or against each other while building their characters. Each Sim also possesses an individual personality, which is exhibited through body language. Players can save their Sims to a memory card, and bring them over to a friend's house for more Bustin' Out action.