The Unholy War (Playstation 1)*

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Combining elements of strategy with the all-out assault of a real-time battle game, THE UNHOLY WAR has begun. You are on Xsarra, a planet on the brink of war. A peace treaty has been broken between the native Arcanes and the advanced Teknos. You must choose your allegiance (Arcane, Tekno, or a combination of both), your team of seven (there are 14 warriors available) and begin your assault. Select from two modes of play: Combat Mayhem mode, a 3D weapon-based fighting game, or Combat Tactics mode, a chess-like strategy contest where your characters move on a hexagonal board for points. Once you meet an opponent on the board, a battle in real-time ensues. There are 14 different battlefields, each with its own unique terrain, obstacles, and weather conditions. Play a single-player game against the computer or challenge your friend in two-player combat. THE UNHOLY WAR will place you in the heat of an intergalactic battle.