The Warriors (Xbox*)

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Can you dig it? Badboy publisher Rockstar invites mature gamers to "come out to play," in this beat-'em-up adaptation of Walter Hill's violent, urban adventure film. As in the 1979 cult-classic cinema, players become members of a New York City street gang called the Warriors, who are drawn far from the safety of their home territory to attend a large gathering, called by a charismatic Bronx gang leader named Cyrus.

When Cyrus is shot down in the middle of his passionate plea for gang unification, it leads to anything but, and searing rivalries flare in the ensuing chaos. Alone in the crowd and with many miles of enemy territory between them and their Coney Island turf, the Warriors must make their way back home by any means possible. This challenge intensifies immeasurably when false rumors begin to spread that it was the Warriors who killed Cyrus, and every other gang in the city starts gunning for them.

Incorporating material from the engagingly disturbing Sol Yurik novel (on which the movie was based), the game begins a few months before Cyrus' speech, giving players a chance to become acquainted with the personalities (and fighting moves) of each Warrior. When the fateful night of Cyrus' shooting comes, and players must battle their way back through eerily empty city streets and subway lines, they can expect to be confronted by the film's most vicious (and surreally attired) enemy gangs.