Thor - God of Thunder.

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Players venture through the realms of legend as Thor: God of Thunder. The video game is based on the contemporarily released feature film, and follows Marvel Comics' interpretation of the stormy figure of Norse mythology. The adventure proceeds through third-person melee combat with supernaturally-empowered area-of-effect attacks. Thor commands the powers of wind, lighting, and thunder with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The vaulting, fast-paced battle style is reminiscent of games such as Devil May Cry or God of War. Large boss enemies have grapple points that allow Thor to launch himself up the creature's body and make well-timed strikes at vulnerable spots. Much of the game takes place in the different worlds of Norse mythology, as Asgard faces threats from the realms of fire, ice, giants, and trolls. The story was co-authored by Matt Fraction, an esteemed writer of the Thor comic series. Actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston reprise their roles from the film to provide voice acting.