Thrillville (Xbox)

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Product Information
At Thrillville, players are invited to enjoy every aspect of their theme park, from building roller coasters to entertaining guests. Playing alone, gamers must ensure the survival of Uncle Mortimer's Thrillville by completing over 100 missions. Players must build from the ground up, constructing a total of five parks that feature three themed areas. Each area can be filled with over 100 attractions, 75 ride types, and 15 environments including "Pirates Gone Wild" and "Gold Rush."

Not just for looks, the midway games offer a break from the tycoon aspects of Thrillville by presenting one to four-player mini-activities such as bumper cars and saucer soccer. Another multiplayer activity includes swapping track and coaster designs with the wireless Ad-hoc connection. Keeping guests happy plays a major role in the overall success of a park, and players can sustain their customer's contentment by chatting and flirting with them, or by challenging patrons to one of the midway games.