Thrillville Off the Rails (Wii)

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Set in a theme park, the Thrillville: Off the Rails video game is created for the Nintendo Wii gaming console. Take on the role to explore the rides in this simulation video game in single or multi-player mode. Uncle Montimer wants the player to take care of thrillville in this Wii video game. You as a player in this simulation video game need to create WHOA coaster rides and make the guests enjoy as they jump from track to track, leap through burning fire rings and get thrown in the air like cannonballs. With 34 playable multi-player games with many missions, this Wii video game is fun as well as frantic. Enhance your rides and distinguish them from the ones in Vernon Garrisons Globo-Joy park for more guests to come and enjoy the rides. As you advance in levels, you need to tackle your opponents who try to pull you down. Completion of assigned missions in the Thrillville: Off the Rails takes you to the next level. Play the rides skillfully and develop innovative coaster rides with the Wii remote control.